Business Advisory and Support

Starting a Business 

You’ve launched your business but now what? Hopefully you’ve done the basic like registering with HMRC and opening a separate bank account, but did you make a business plan? Or create a cashflow forecast? What about your systems, bookkeeping, staff? Do you know what information you need to complete your first year end? It’s much better to get in contact at the beginning of your business journey, so we can put you on the right track and guide you in the right direction.

 Already in Business

Or, you may have been trading for a little while now and you have either decided that you need to employ an accountant, or you may want to change your accountant. Maybe you are looking for a better software system, require cashflow support, or you may just want to change your business structure.

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Subcontractor/Micro Provider

At Organise My Books we have been helping subcontactors and small business contractors with their compliance and guiding them through the Construction Industry Scheme.

From compiling and completing tax returns for subbies or completing CIS returns or verifying subbies for contractors we can help.



    Business Support

    As well as helping you with the compliance side of your business, we also want to support you with other aspects of your business, like cash flow and office support.

    Management Accounts/Cashflow and Budgeting

    All of these reports can be useful for running your business. Actually, let me rephrase that – these reports are useful to the running of your business and can help you to plan and understand your market, what trends there may be over the year and how to manage them. You can have an extremely great product or service that everyone wants, but if you don’t have the cashflow to keep your business going, then it doesn’t matter what you are selling, you won’t be able to stay in business.

    Software Training

    We offer software training in the apps we use to help you in your business. Software systems are fast becoming the best tools to help you with your business and used properly can save you time and money.

    Business Advisory Advice and Support

    We can offer small business planning advice and we also collaborate with other partners that can provide support in Business Coaching, Financial Planning, Marketing and HR.

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